Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Seven Inches You Wish You Had - "Sometimes It's Pancakes For Days"

Since I've been moving the records over to the digital format, I thought it would be neat to share some of the old treasures I've been uncovering, specifically, the seven inch, 45 r.p.m. records that aren't available anywhere BUT on the original 7" they came out on.

The first one of these is Minneapolis' own RUN WESTY RUN. In the early 90's, these guys were Kings of the Twin Cities' rock scene. We loved 'em in Ames, as well. Buncha skinny guys with big noses, bringing all the goodness back from 70's rock and no one really knowing where to pigeonhole them. Are they punk? Are they alternative? How about just straightforward rock? Of course, the same thing happened to the Replacements.

This seven inch record was released on a dark, blood red vinyl with an orange label. This one was released by Big Money Inc. The band had two earlier albums on SST and their masterpiece, "Green Cat Island" was released on Twin Tone records. The cover is probably one of the most sweetest seven-inch record covers ever. I have no idea why they called this "Plowed Into God." Those words don't appear in either song on this record.

This fine outing consists of 2 songs: "Flappers", and the feelgood hit of the summer of 1992, "The Creeper". "Flappers" reminds me of Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak." The lyrics made my friend Brian wonder if the band was on heroin. When you read "Yeah, I'm jonesin' to channel 9, Sometimes it's pancakes for days and selling everything you own" you think maybe he had something there.

"The Creeper" could have easily come off of The Stooges first two albums. More likely "Funhouse" since there's a sax on it. This tune appears to be about jazz greats. We actually got to meet these guys a few times when they came to Ames. The guys in Funky Thermos were especially big fans. They would act all pretentious and say they weren't really interested in rock and roll. They were more interested in Thelonius Monk. Whatever.

I totally recommend this seven inch as well as the "Green Cat Island" release. The only good song on the SST releases is "Mop It Up." The rest of those songs are just too weird for me.

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Blogger Jez said...

Okay, I know, I've got to fix the links. I'll do it this weekend. Come back, I'll promise to make it all good.

6:19 AM

Blogger Redhead said...

I liked Flappers - but I still think my music choices are better.

8:48 AM


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