Wednesday, April 25, 2007

You Can't Control 'Crazy'

There's really no need for me to even talk about the Virginia Tech shootings. Suffice to say that it was a horrible thing that happened, and my condolences go out to anyone who lost a friend or family member in that unnecessary turn of events.

However, what completely baffles me is the search for "why this happened." Does anyone one need to spend time or money to get the answer, other than to maybe satisfy some people who look heavenward and ask "Why did this happen?" If so, ask me, I can tell you why.

That motherfucker was CRAZY.

And that's the only answer you get.

I know. It sucks. We will never know why. I mean, I got some theories. And maybe they're well-thought out, or maybe its just based on his heritage, and the fact that he was an English major instead of an engineer, you know, since Tech is a pretty renowned technical school. So technical they even have it in the name of their university. At first, I thought maybe there might be some issues of honor or some shit. But then I found out his dad was a dry cleaner, which is cool, I mean, all jobs are honorable, but I was thinking maybe his dad was some hot shot engineer and now he's all ashamed of his son for being an English major.

I know, I know, that's pretty stereotypical of me, and it's not right, but this is the primary reason why asking "what happened" will not do you any good. Oh, and all you English majors can just settle the fuck down, because I know that its tough being an English major. EVERY major is tough. And you snickering engineers can go pound sand if you don't think so. I know each and every one of you hose-grabbers is ecstactic you got out of basic college English with a C+.

Then on the way to work on Monday, I'm listening to this guy on Chicago sports radio that used to be a hot dog vendor (also an, um, honorable job, especially if you don't have a high school diploma, which is the case for this individual) asking why the Asian community isn't decrying the actions of this single individual. What? Are you kidding me? You think the Asian community is responsible for moving this kid from Korea when he was 8 so he could shoot up a college campus when he was 23? You need to go back to your old day job.

But apparently, there is some line of thinking about linking this kid to the Asian community out there, as this article states:

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine met with Korean-American leaders to assure them that Virginians do not hold people of Korean descent responsible for the tragedy. Cho was a South Korean immigrant who came to the U.S. at about age 8 and was raised in suburban Washington.

"I can assure you that no one in Virginia -- no one in Virginia -- views the Korean community as culpable in this incident in the least degree," Kaine said.

Jesus! Are you shitting me? Did the Governor of Wisconsin come out and assure all the white people in America that Wisconsinites did not hold all white people accountable for Jeff Dahmer's actions?

It is shocking to me that some people would make this connection. If anything, they should be asking for a statement decrying his actions from the Crazy People of America Foundation.

So far, we got nothing from them.

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Blogger Inhuman Eating Machine said...

Yes, every major IS hard, except for mine- Speech/Communications as illustrated in this scene from Simpsons.

Hibbert: Son, I'm afraid that leg is hanging by a thread.

Lubchenko: Lubchenko must return to game!

Hibbert:[chuckles] Your playing days are over, my friend. But, you can always fall back on your degree in ... [reads chart] communications!? Oh, dear Lord!

Lubchenko: I know! Is phony major. Lubchenko learn nothing.
Nothing! [cries]

4:11 PM

Anonymous flygrrl said...

In my quite cynical view, a lot of the search for "WHY" has to do with the media feasting on the kill and justifying their careers. And also Americans' tendency to want to blame someone. People can't cope with the idea that sometimes bad things just happen and it's nobody's fault. The endless wanking about it really makes me ill. The Virginia Tech tragedy has been almost as bad as Columbine. That really got me. And the end result is always "pass a law!" Regardless of the fact that numerous laws were broken in the committing of such violent acts, somehow one more law being passed will make people feel better. Anyway, my $.02.

7:31 PM

Anonymous adam said...

You kiddin' me? My homeboy Kirk Cameron has it all figured out. It's the rise of atheism on college campuses and the subsequent moral vacuum that renders this recent killing spree unsurprising.

and i quote, “Atheism has become very popular in universities – where it's taught that we evolved from animals and that there are no moral absolutes. So we shouldn't be surprised when there are school shootings.”

8:29 PM


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