Wednesday, April 04, 2007

2007 Baseball Predictions

Here's where I think the standings will be at the end of the season:

National League

I love minor league baseball. The only thing about the National League (or 4A) baseball system is that you have to pay admission prices equal to major league ball. What's that you say? The Cardinals are an NL team and they won the World Series last year? You're right. They won 86 games in the regular season, beat some worn down teams and then played the Tigers, who worked hard to beat other tough teams in the AL, like the Yankees. Is this what Major League Baseball has come to? Running a marathon? Hopefully things will return to their old ways this year, when the AL sweeps the NL in the World Series.

NL East

Mets - Should continue to build on last year's success if they don't fade in the end
Marlins - Shouldn't surprise anyone. Could be a wild card in the NL
Phillies - The ultimate farm team for the AL
Braves - Nothing to say here, really. The team doesn't make me think of the Braves teams that went to so many world series. Atlanta has a stranglehold on the deep south. You got Atlanta, Florida and Tampa Bay down there. Who do you think people are going to pull for? The Marlin contingency is growing stronger, though. Hey Bud, how about moving the Cubs to Birmingham, Alabama or Jackson, Mississippi?
Nationals (Expos) - I want to get a fitted, 7 3/8 sized Expos hat. And when I say Expos, I mean the red, white and blue one you see. I would wear it to White Sox games just to get "that look" from people.

Last year, we were in the parking lot waiting for some people to show up. The Sox were playing the Yankees. There was some dude walking around in a Phillies hat and shirt. Talk about confused.

NL Central

Cardinals - This division is the lamest in all of baseball. I think the Cardinals will just find a way to win it, even though they suck on paper. Especially that pitching staff.
Cubs - Cubs will come close, but in the end, they will stink it up. Not even a chance for a wild card here.
Reds - Baby, if you've ever wondered...wondered whatever became of me. I'd like to go down and see a Reds game this year. The stadium looks like it would be an awesome place to enjoy the day.
Brewers - These guys will start off big and then fade after the All-Star break. Then they'll trade all of their good players to the Yankees.
Astros - The good news is the White Sox play Houston this year. The bad news is they will probably only win 1 of the 3 games.
Pirates - This is Uncle Rukies "secret" favorite team. He figures he needs to like one team from each league, and why not the Pirates? He can actually drive to P-burg and watch games there.

NL West

Padres - I don't know much about this division, but I think it's pretty safe to say that the Padres should win this one outright. Then fall in the first round of the playoffs.
Diamondbacks - For some reason, I get the Angels and Diamondbacks mixed up in my head. Maybe it was the whole "A" (Arizona, Anaheim) thing. Looks like a good young team. Should be better next year.
Dodgers - You'd think the Dodgers would be more of a contender in baseball. Weak league, second biggest city in the nation. Nice weather. Too many hippies and movie stars, I guess.
Rockies - Here's the nation's only Christian baseball team. I heard on the Chicago sports radio station that they actually look for players that are heavy into Christianity. I don't understand how this happened in a state with a bunch of granola-types.
Giants - Barry Bonds can go to hell!

American League

You know, I'm just okay with the Yankees. Some people hate them, but as a White Sox fan, I have to appreciate Steinbrenner, because I feel he made the rest of the AL better by making them compete with his teams. So thanks for that, George. Now I hope your teams never go to the World Series for at least another 50 years. Sorry, Adam. I'll still watch the Yankees with you when they do go to the playoffs.

AL East

Yankees - I drafted Wang in my fantasy league and he immediately went on the DL. Trust me, these guys are heads above the rest of the teams in this division.
Red Sox - I'm just so glad we got one team that doesn't talk about the curse anymore. I'm interested in seeing how well the Japanese pitcher (now known in the sports media as Dice-K), Matsuzaka does.
Devil Rays - Carl Crawford is fun to watch. He is just so fast and steals bases with ease. The Blue Jays could just as easily come in third here.
Blue Jays - Not a very interesting team.
Orioles - As much as Uncle Rukies hates Baltimore, I think Camden Yards is a great place to watch baseball. And, as I think I've mentioned before, Baltimore is a great beer-drinking town.

AL Central

Twins - The younger guys are gonna hit the hell out of the ball this year. As long as they don't poop out in the playoffs, they go to the World Series.
Tigers - I don't think this team is as good as the Twins, and I also think that Kenny Rogers won't come back in July. The dude is 41. I know, they have good pitchers, but I just think Rogers meant more to this team than most people realize. He also makes good chicken (or so I've heard). AL Wildcard.
Indians - This is by far the toughest division in baseball. The Indians are not as banged-up as they were last year. Still don't think they'll do as well against the other teams in this division.
Royals - Pitching not so great, but man, can they hit the ball.
White Sox - I don't know what it is about the Sox this year, but I think that the current players might be somewhat overrated. I think they'll be back on top of the division in 2 years, when some of the younger talent in the minors starts coming up. Garland is the only decent pitcher. I think Danks starts slow, but finishes strong.

AL West

Angels - These guys appear to be back to their 2003 form.
Mariners - Stronger than the A's and the Rangers, and that's pretty much all I have to say about that.
A's - These guys won the division last year, but I don't see it happening this year.
Rangers - Yep. This is pretty much the standard location for these guys. Just like the Cubs lose games because they mostly play during the day, the Rangers lose games because it's just so hot in Dallas in the summer.

World Series: Twins in 4 games over the Mets

Final Comment: How hard would it be to have the Houston Astros move out of the NL Central into the AL West? You have a natural rivalry with the Texas Rangers then, and you even out the divisions. I've only paid attention to baseball for 2 whole seasons now, and you would think that it might be that easy/obvious to Bud Selig. Worst.Commissioner.Ever.


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