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Music Discussion, Part 2

So I played in a couple of bands in my day, as well. Here's a rundown on that history:

Wiesbaden, Germany - 1986
1 show
Members: Michelle Montoya - vocals, Loren and Vernon Turner - guitars, a GI named Doug - drums, me - bass and vocals

From left: Loren, Vernon and meMy first band, ever. I bought a bass about 2 years earlier. I could play guitar okay, but everyone was buying electric guitars. No one was buying a bass. I did, therefore I was able to pick who I wanted to play with. Luckily, Vernon and Loren were quick learners. They had previous musical experience on the saxaphone and trumpet. They came to me with a tape of them playing "Jamie's Cryin'" after owning their guitars for 2 weeks. I said, "We need a name." After explaining to people that the name was not Black Male, we were good to go.

We played one show with a P.A. that was good for only public announcements. We covered Iron Maiden's "The Trooper," Metallica's "Seek and Destroy," Bon Jovi's "Secret Dreams," KISS' "Lick It Up," and at least one or two more songs. We opened for Rockibition, which featured Willi Geck's twin sons on bass and guitar. They had Marshall stacks. They played all originals. They were highly disappointed with the P.A.

Yesterday's Neuz
Davenport, Iowa - 1987
1 show
Members: J.D. Rios - vocals, Brent Sparbell - drums, Jason - keyboards, Kathy Nangle - bass, me - guitar

We played one show and actually had North high school put it together for us. We opened for another band from the school who played all hair metal tunes. We played Europe's "Final Countdown," Modern English's "I Melt With You," a version of "Louie, Louie" based loosely off Black Flag's version, Bon Jovi's "Run Away" and the Beastie Boys "Fight for Your Right." And that's it.

I goofed around that summer with the bass player from the metal band, John Kivlin, a girl on vocals and a guy on drums from across the river in Rock Island, and Jason, the keyboard player. We jammed on U2, Beastie Boys, and even tried playing "Stairway." Then we all went swimming in Jason's pool. Then I went to college.

Bad Habitz
Ames, Iowa - 1987 - 1989
many shows
Members: Gordon Brown - bass, Kurt Hicok - guitar, Eric Ward - vocals, keyboards, Andy Popandreou - drums, me - guitar

We were a hair metal cover band, but had 3 originals that we would play. We covered Faster Pussycat, Guns 'n Roses, KISS, Motley Crue, Tesla ("Changes" off the first CD; how many bands covered that?) and a whole bunch of other stuff that I don't even want to think about. We played in at least one Iowa State University Battle of the Bands during VEISHEA, including the one right before the first VEISHEA riots in 1988. We never finished in the top 3. This was my "volunteer" band, that is, I would volunteer us to play any show. We played a barn party for 500 people and never got paid a cent. What's worse is that WE were in charge of breaking down the stage since the floor rented the P.A. and stage for us. I didn't care. I just loved to play. The photo you see is us at an MDA dance. We played for free. Check out that shirt with a collar I was wearing? How metal is that? None, I'd say. Absolutely none.

Exit Wound
Ames, Iowa - 1989 - 1991
many shows, first "all originals" band

Members: (First Round) Karl - bass, Aaron Becker - vocals, Steve Hagemoser - drums, me - guitar (Second Round, transitioning to Trip Shop) Gordon Brown - bass and vocals, Gordon's friend - guitar, James Stone - drums, Aaron Becker - vocals, me - guitar and vocals

Me in the LOSER shirt, Aaron, GordonMy first all original tunes band. Wrote the first 10 tunes for the band during a summer in Germany with my folks. Got back, put the band together and went at it. Found Aaron singing along to a Guns 'n Roses video at a party. He had "the look." Karl and I basically started it, then we found Steve through some mutual musician friends. Steve went to school at ISU and was a local Ames dude. I wrote a lot of songs with this band. Later, through various graduations and people quitting to spend more time with their girlfriends (Aaron), I looked around and thought, "I'm the only original member here." So I changed the name to Trip Shop for my love of the two local convenience stores, Quik Trip, and Kwik Shop. Open 24 hours, baby. Welcome to America. After Aaron left, Gordon and I shared singing duties. Rob Valier, famous local boy gone on to bigger and better musical things, sang with us at one gig during the summer of '91. He is now residing in the "Where are they now" file. This band did finish 3rd at the Iowa State VEISHEA Battle of the Bands in 1991. We used the money to record 6 songs, but never released them. I've got them available, plus 3 more, if you want them mp3 style. Aaron actually has the VEISHEA show on video, and might even have it duped to DVD by now.

Total Passover
Ames, IA - 1988-1995
many shows, many incarnations
Members: Jason Rupe - drums, Tom Meehan - bass, Andy Levy - vocals and guitars, Kurt Johnson - guitars, me - guitars, Tom Halverson - drums

Tom and Jesse rockin' out at Dugan'sTotal Passover has its own history. I played with Jason, Tom and Andy for almost a year, 1992-1993. Kurt played guitar for the band during two different time frames and is on the "Nursing Home Hush Money" cassette, and the "...And Then You Woke Up" CD. I played on the "Eat My Moneymaker" CD and "Shlomo Rising" LP. This was as big as it got for me. Greatest bunch of guys to be in a band with (did he just say "bandwidth?"), we played a lot of shows in Iowa, and we recorded a lot of stuff. Lots of fun.

Ever since then, I've been strictly a solo artist.

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Hey Jez!....its DOUG FULLER,..the drummer from "BLACKMAIL" in Weisbaden, 1986. I cant believe I FINALLY found one of you guys from the band!!! I've been looking for a while! I've got several "tapes" of us playing together as well as photos! E-mail me and I'll send you some stuff man! you can e-mail me at :

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