Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fuck This Guy

It just baffles me why a Prime Minister of another country is shooting his mouth off about a person who isn't even a threat yet to become president. Barak Obama just announced his candidacy for president in 2008 yesterday, and already, this guy, John Howard, the PM for Australia is scrambling. No use in wasting time slinging mud. Conservatives must really be scared of a black man in the White House if they're starting shit this early. Especially AUSTRALIAN conservatives. Whatsamatter, John, did a dingo eat your baby?

The dude who runs Obama's campaign had what should be the last word on this subject, basically saying, that if you're so into fighting a stupid war, do the stupid thing and send more of your troops in to get blown up. Australia has sent only 1,400 troops to the desert. Shit, we've had more of our troops killed than that.

While we're on the subject of Barak, the other people who need to shut up are the people who say, "He's not really black." Debra Dickerson, who wrote "The End of Blackness," was on the Colbert Report the other day discussing how Obama is an "African African American." If I would have been drinking anything at the time, I'm sure it would have shot out my nose from laughing. I realize that for the most part, writing a blog is a waste of time, but actually thinking up the term, "African African American," defines the whole premise of pissing time away.

When this first came up, I was reminded of one of Chris Rock's first performances I saw in high school on an HBO "Uptown Comedy Club" special, where Eddie Murphy brought in a whole bunch of comedians. Chris Rock actually opened the whole thing up. One of his bits was about Rae Dawn Chong, that went something like, "Can Rae Dawn Chong sleep with a black man in any of her movies? When she's asked about her heritage, she goes into, 'well my father was Portugeuse, and my mother was Irish.' You're black, Rae! Try marrying a Kennedy and find out how black you really are!"

Now, technically, they're right. But I bet if you asked him, Obama probably experienced some of the same kind of racism black people experience in the tolerant United States at least one time in his life.

Can we stop worrying about this petty shit, like the person's ethnic background, and focus on how intelligent the guy sounds (is), especially compared to the piece of white shit we have now in the White House?


Blogger Dan said...

Yeah - He's black ; Hillary's gay, Nader's old... does it really matter?
The next pres will be a republican no matter what POS dickhead the GOP churns out because the Americans who aren't afraid to have a non-white-male pres are all a bunch of dope-smoking' hippies who won't vote.

1:05 PM

Anonymous adam said...

Homeboy looks like he represents the Lollipop Guild.

Or would that be considered an ad hominem attack?

4:05 PM

Blogger Jez said...

Fuck. You're asking me about homonyms again? You know what happened when you did that the last time.

4:28 PM

Anonymous flygrrl said...

I guess what gets me, though, is that it really does come down to skin color, which sucks. I'm all for letting people identify with whatever part of their heritage they prefer, the only people that we feel *must* be pinned down are those who *look* non-white. It just seems random to me, if you look at it in terms of culture or actual DNA. Race, genetically speaking, doesn't actually exist.

8:29 PM


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