Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Panera Bread Writes Back

I got this little gem in my email the other day regarding my complaint about the stems on the peppers in my sandwich. Note that this is pasted directly from the email:

Derar Jesse,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Panera Bread. We want to provide our customers with thebest tasting, freshest food available. We also try very hard to deliver what customers want andto address their concerns as best we can. I am forwarding your comments to our productdevelopment department for review.

Best Regards,
Customer Comment Coordinator

At this point, I'm pretty sure my comments were filed in the trash or else will end up in a pile that no one will get to for at least six months. I'm still waiting to hear back from Jimmy John's, but that might take longer because I actually mailed them a written letter.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Derar Jesse,
I say don'tgive up on thecause. Panera is a VERY professional company and I'm sure they willbe taking your letter seriously...

8:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually all comments are forwarded to the either the Franchise owner or Corporate offices and each store receives the comment for their store. Depending on whether or not you requested to have someone contact you you should receive some comment from the management of the store you visited.

9:34 AM

Blogger Jez said...

Thank you, Anonymous. Please see my more recent articles on this - especially the Comp'd! blog.

Panera did a good job getting back to me and I appreciate it.

9:47 AM


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