Friday, February 02, 2007

Pepper Stems

I don't really mean to use my blog to bitch about things, but there was something that I wanted to discuss to see if anyone else had the same issue. And this issue, albeit petty, is in regards to getting a sandwich with those greek or "banana" style peppers that have the stems still on them.
There are two places in particular where I have this issue. Jimmy John's and Panera. Both of these places put pretty much the whole pepper on the sandwich, unlike Subway, which has both their banana and jalepeno peppers sliced.

Usually, I have to inspect the sandwich before I eat it. Sometimes I get lucky, and the peppers I get are stemless. Otherwise, I have to mess with the integrity of the sandwich which can kind of make for a messy eating experience if you don't pack the filling back into the bread successfully.

I haven't eaten at a Jimmy John's in quite some time, but the last time I did, I told the kid there, "Could you put some of those cherry peppers on there, but make sure I don't get any stems." The kid nodded and said, "Sure, I know what you mean." So I must not be the only one with this issue, right? Do other people just eat right through the stems?

I have the same issue when these come on salads. I guess I would just prefer they go with the sliced kind instead.

I wrote a letter to both Panera and Jimmy John's about this. Maybe they'll send me something for free at least. I seriously doubt they're going to change suppliers.

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