Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Person in a Band You Don't Know is No Longer in Said Band

This is Jason Isbell. Doesn't he look happy? This apparently was taken shortly after he was told he was no longer in the Drive-By Truckers. For those of you who have never heard of the Drive-By Truckers (DBT for short), they are one of, if not, my favorite band. One thing that makes (or made) them unique was that they had 3 guitar player/singer/songwriters. Jason was one of the 3. He is probably younger than the other 2 by maybe 10 years.

Jason is coming out with a solo album, but that's not necessarily why he is no longer with the band. In fact, it appears that nobody knows why he is no longer in the band, that is, except for the band. While I guess I can get by not knowing, I would just like some closure. Patterson Hood, the patriarch of the band, put up an "important announcement" on the band's website, stating, "The split, which I consider extremely amicable is the result of a period of personal and artistic growth from all sides which has left us with differing dreams and goals."

Maybe on Tuesday, after 4 days of thinking about it, Jason thinks it's amicable. Looking at that picture, which was posted on his myspace webpage late Friday night after the news went out doesn't look like it so much. Looks like Jason was caught a little off guard. Or maybe that's just coincidental that he's holding up an announcement of his solo album and looking all defiant with the middle finger and cigarette dangle. Right.

I've only seen DBT once, almost a year ago in Chicago. They played pretty much everything I wanted them to. Not a lot of filler, in my opinion. The thing that I enjoyed the most was the backing vocals Jason provided. I actually think there was some harmonizing going on in "Zip City," one of my top 3 favorite songs by them. So, yeah, I kind of will miss some of those minor nuances that Jason provided.

I don't mean to stir shit up, but I just would prefer some closure. That standard Patterson prattle about "roads and dreams" sounds like bullshit to me. Yes, I will still like Jason's stuff and DBT stuff. To be honest, Jason had some great songs, but then, all three have great songs.

I just want to know a basic reason why this happened, and I'll never know. Somehow, if it ever does wash out, it will more than likely be the stupidest reason for letting somebody go. Something, that given time and some perspective, could have prevented this split.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it had something to do with him and Shonna splitting up. I was at the first show in Charleton on Jason's side, and this chic with a short skirt and pink top comes pushing her way through the crowd to get up to him, and waved at him every time he looked over.And she didnt know any of the words to the songs either. Someone standing next to me says that she is the reason that Shonna and Jason arent married anymore. I was drunk and didnt really think anything of it, until she lit a couple of his cigs. Then after the show, Shonna came by like she always does to shake hands with people, but took one look at that girl and took off. Jason came down and talked with her for a while,then i saw him standing outside with his cell phone like he was waiting for somebody. I believe she was british or something. Just kinda of an awkward scene, but my friend told me that night over a beer and a joint, I hope that "Yoko" chic doesnt break up the band or cause Jason to get kicked out, the bitch.I wasnt sure about the story the guy told me, i was like she was probably just a friend or something, and he wouldnt do that to shonna at a DBT show.But after April 6th, I am not so sure. Maybe I am totally pulling shit out of my ass. Maybe he couldnt commit to a lot of dates because of his solo career. Anyway. good luck to Jason and DBT.

10:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, it appears she is his third top friend on Myspace. Amanda's the name, yoko-n's the game. Not just speculation either--there are pictures of them together on her page.

12:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad there's not a National Enquirer or Star type gossip tabloid for alt rock bands.
Then maybe you guys could do some reading.

5:36 PM


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