Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Safety Guy Steps In

Okay, I don't care about this diaper-wearing, space shuttle-flying Nowak person or the wacky situation she's involved with, but I really don't care how the media paints her in this article, particularly this sentence:

Fellow astronauts described Lisa Nowak as smart, hardworking and a good mother, but also selfish and unwilling to perform tasks for which she hadn't trained, according to documents released Tuesday by the state attorney's office.

Is someone selfish for being unwilling to perform tasks for which they aren't trained? Technically, yes, but as a safety guy, I'm okay with that. Especially if the task might be asked of you while you're floating in space. Fuck if I'm going replace a Fetzer valve if I've never seen the thing before. You know what it is, you fix it! I'm not going to end up orbiting the earth forever if I put that thing in backwards.

I didn't really read the rest of the article. After that line, I couldn't care what the opinion was or what was being said. It appears that although she was a safety-conscious, but still CRAZY.

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