Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why Must You Be Such An Angry Young Man?

My longtime friend, Garry, who I hung out with while I lived in Germany, got a scanner and sent me a couple of photos from what I suspect is either my sophomore or junior year in high school.

Man, I was skinny back then. I think I just got my braces off as well, because those are as straight as my teeth have ever been (I probably should have wore my retainer at least another year).

Unfortunately, most of the photos from this era probably have me making a similar type of face. Not sure if I was trying to be Billy Idol or what. It's pretty understandable now why I didn't have a girlfriend back then. Walking around all the time being surly.

Living in Germany was a good time. Especially in the 80's, during the high school years. The mark (DM - their unit of currency) was weak against the dollar. When most of you were buying your Motley Crue and Ratt records for $9 or $10 in the U.S., we army brats were hitting the local record shops or the PX and paying, at most, $6.50 for the same unit. Anyway, I could write a book about my experiences there, and should probably at least write them down just so the memories don't completely fade. For all you youngsters out there, keep a daily journal from the day you can write complete sentences and guard them like they were your kids. You will thank yourself later.

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