Friday, November 02, 2007


before the great candy conquest

The kids made a killing on Halloween, and we only went down two streets.

My kids are a little more creative than I was when I was a kid. Okay, so the Spiderman costume isn't that creative, but we made the boy a kickass robot costume last year out of a cardboard box, some weird formed fiberboard that came out of a light fixture box, and some flexible dryer vent, so I think that's good for at least another year. Plus, he likes dressing up in Darth Vader, Power Rangers, and other suits, so why would I deny the kid a chance to have a Spiderman outfit?

I really don't think I cared what my costume was as a kid. One year, we kinda stalled on getting costumes, so mom came home with two Captain America costumes on the day of Halloween, so my sister and I both went as Captain America. And this was the late 70's, so I'm pretty sure there were some better ones out there.

Some people say Halloween is their favorite holiday. These kind of people must enjoy working at a costume shop. When asked what my favorite holiday is, I would have to go with "Any Day That I Don't Have To Go To Work." Christmas isn't really a holiday, it's more like a month-long event, involving lots of decorations. The kids like it, though, so that makes it a lot more fun for me. My wife's favorite is Thanksgiving, because the house smells so great, and usually you're eating with family. I would like Thanksgiving more if we could get away from eating turkey. Turkey is probably the lamest meat in the world. I don't care if you inject it full of cajun spices and fry it, a pork tenderloin prepared the same way is still better.

Welcome to the 2007 Holiday Season!

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