Friday, December 21, 2007

What A Great Day For A Stack Test!

Hey fellas! Glad to see you could make it back for a second day of stack testing. Looks like the high is going to be around 38 degrees. It sure would be nice to get all 3 tests done today. In fact, its pretty much imperative.

Look, I know the plant shit the bed yesterday. I hope they're running better, or else this is going to be a short day for both of us. See, I was supposed to be off today and starting my vacation, but you know what, I'm not really going anywhere, so its no big deal.

I just hope you guys are as fired up about this as I am.

You know what I did yesterday after you guys left? I hooked up a huge stereo system up there. Then I made a CD of 80's metal that should get us partway through the testing. I put stuff on there like Y&T's "Hang 'Em High" and a whole bunch of songs from Ozzy's "Speak of the Devil" album, the one where he was still drinking and drugging and had Brad Gillis from Night Ranger playing all those Black Sabbath songs. Man, that album rocks!

Come on guys, let's get FIRED UP!

Think about it. What a great job this is you have. You get to go different places every day, work with government people some of the time, climb up on stacks. I'm sure you get some great views from where you work. Can you see the lake pretty well from up there on top of that scrubber stack? Is it hot up there? It's only 38 degrees, but that's on the ground, I bet that wind will keep you cool.

This has got to be awesome for you. I mean, I bet when you were a kid, you told your mom and dad, "When I grow up, I wanna be a stack tester." And look at you now! You're dreams have come true! What's not to like about today? The sun came up, it's above freezing, and you're living the dream!

Hey guys, you know what? We're doing compliance work here. Any dumbass can be a rebel and buck the rules, the system, what have you, but it takes a real man to comply.

Thanks for bringing that ice. You'll need that for the impingers. If you got any left over, I'd like to take it home and make margaritas with it. I'm just sayin'...

So anyway, looks like we got that first test going. I'll be back in two hours to let you know what's up. I'm going back to sit in my office and tie up some loose ends before I take off the rest of the year. Make sure you wear your safety glasses, ear plugs and hardhat. If any of my employees see you, they're gonna get pissed and call me, and I don't need that. So help a brother out and stay safe. All that gear is there to keep you from getting hurt. You got my cell phone number, call me if you need me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, sure. Now that we aren't doing any stack testing for you, you quit speaking to us. All you do is use us to make fun of on your blog, I see how it is. By the way, I need you to email me your address so I can send you and your family an invite to my son's graduation party. Mark it on your calendar, June 14, 2:00-whenever the beer runs out. HAHA. (I did order a good German Beer), figured that would get you guys to come. Anova

9:04 AM


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