Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Songs with a Bit of Unease

I borrowed the Nirvana "With the Lights Out" box set from the library the other day. It's got 3 CDs of rare stuff, outtakes, demos and what-not. It's also got a DVD of a bunch of home videos and some unreleased produced video footage as well. The last thing on the CD is them playing a cover of Terry Jack's "Seasons in the Sun." Kurt sings and plays drums, Dave Grohl plays bass, and Novoselic is on the guitar. It's kind of a cute and touching way to end the DVD.

That song is an odd one for me. Later in life, I looked back on it in its cheesey-70's camp, but when I first heard that song at 5 or 6 years old, it was kind of creepy because of the line, "Goodbye, papa, it's hard to die." That really creeped me out because I was just figuring out that things died at that time in my life. I think I realized that people died due to being shot, car accidents, and other sudden shocking ways. Those things I thought I could avoid. I was scared of the dark and scared of heights, as well, but knew how to handle those. But to hear Jacks discuss dying as though he knew it was coming...well that was a fear I wasn't ready for.

There have been, of course, other songs that caused me unease. I never liked "Dream On" by Aerosmith or "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin (another one, apparently, about dying, or going to heaven).

Lately, I've been listening to this Blue Oyster Cult song called "Revenge of the Vera Gemini." It's got a creepy feel to it, but I kind of enjoy it. So I started a playlist on iTunes last night called "A Bit of Unease".

Anyone got any suggestions?

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